Here is some software I have either written or ported to IRIX.

Name Description File Type
CMUCL 18e Carnegie-Mellon Common Lisp. Ver. 18e o32 mips2 Download
STLPort 4.2.6 STLPort 4.2.6 Headers and Libraries n32 mips3 Download
XSpim 6.5 A MIPS R2000/R3000 simulator n32 mips3 Download

Here are some IRIX video format files I've compiled, using the VPro chip and board definitions.

Monitor Resolution Spec Object
Asus PA248, 24'' 1920x1200, 60 Hz VFS VFO
Acer S202HL, 20'' 1600x900, 60 Hz VFS VFO

Here are some programming notes.

IRIX Programming Notes